Work with Kate

I care about purposes that matter not just for organizations, but for society overall.

I’ve made a career of thinking about and working in the complex systems we all inhabit to make progress on things that matter. I can help you strategize, make sense of, and navigate in a world of complex issues and even more complex systems.

I have experience in building new, innovative programming in large organizations; developing, executing, and communicating large research projects; and working across disciplines and sectors to advance shared purposes.

If you and your organization are looking for a partner to think through, research, communicate, and advance progress at the intersections of climate change, sustainability, civic engagement, democracy, and systems thinking, let’s connect! I will bring an entrepreneurial, relationship-based mindset with an appreciation for solid research and the challenges and opportunities of big institutions.

So, what does all that fancy-sounding language really mean?

I am relentless in making my community safer and more resilient in the face of some pretty big challenges. I bring this passion, as well as skills and relationships developed as a state legislator, appointed official, leadership program director, chief resilience officer, and sustainability scholar, to make your work successful.

  • Strategy: From a one-off event to a high-level campaign, I can help you think through what your organization is trying to accomplish and how that interacts with broader contexts. I will help you better understand and align purpose, people, actions, and impact.
  • Collaboration: Imagining and creating a desirable, sustainable future requires collaborations across sectors and disciplines. I am interested in developing collaborative research projects with researchers and scholars working in research contexts from communities to universities and beyond.
  • Writing: In an age overwhelming amounts of information and all kinds of complexity, clear and engaging writing is even more valuable. I can help you make sense of complex information in clearly-written formats from one-page memos to book-length reports.
  • Speaking and Training: At a time when so many are asking how to be part of the collective work of addressing climate change, I help people answer this question by using my unique experience to draw out learning and insight from audiences and collaborators. I have experience ranging from one-hour keynotes to developing and facilitating multi-workshop programs that help people realize their potential as change agents.

Let’s connect to talk about what a productive collaboration might look like.

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